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Hispano Suizas Press Release from 18 October 2019
Spainís best Pinot Noir is still by Hispano Suizas

The Wine Up Monovarietal National Guide has once again placed Impromptu Rosť as Spainís best Pinot Noir, The Spanish PINOT NOIR Monovarietal Wine Ambassador.

The wineryís other Pinot wines, Tantum Ergo Rosť Cava and Bassus Dulce, take second and third place once again.

All three are Pinot wines, all three are grown in Requena... but in three different designations: Valencia DO, Cava DO and Utiel-Requena DO.

Spainís three best wines produced with the French-variety Pinot Noir are once again the work of Bodegas Hispano Suizas, according to the latest edition of the Wine Up Guide, a publication which reaches over 30,000 people in Spain and over 7,000 international importers.
The three wines take the same place on the podium as last year, consolidating their rankings.
Staying in first place is Impromptu Rosť 2018, a barrel-aged vintage wine which has become the flagship rosť wine of Valencia PDO.
The 94 points that it has won this year consolidate it among the great wines of Spain, since such points are uncommon for rosť wines, even if they are accustomed to them at Hispano.
In second place is Tantum Ergo Rosť Cava, also a classic, not only in the Pinot monovarietal tastings but in the Cava ones too, on many occasions winning the label of Spainís best rosť Cava, if not the best Cava in some guides.
The most remarkable thing about Tantum Ergo Rosť is its continued presence at the top of almost all specialised guides year after year, without fail and above trends.
The third position is for another wine, a different wine: Bassus Dulce, a wine which is difficult to make and aimed at a very limited public but is also always among the great sweet wines of the Mediterranean, and was recently awarded Spainís best sweet wine in the Verema national awards.
The Wine Up Guide has also given good scores to Impromptu Sauvignon Blanc, a 2018 vintage white wine which is also barrel aged before being released onto the market and has once again exceeded 92 points.
With 92 points and a Gold Medal is Bobos Finca Casa la Borracha 2017, an oak-aged Bobal wine which continues to be among the best, ratifying the recognition of the Association of Wine Reporters and Writers as Spainís best red wine in its category.

Three award-winning designations

The three Pinot Noir wines by Hispano Suiza are made at the Requena winery and the grape comes entirely from the vineyards surrounding the property.
However, each one is assigned a designation of origin, something which only the prime location of Requena allows.
While Impromptu Rosť bears the Valencia PDO back label, Bassus carries that of Utiel-Requena, while Tantum Ergo is a Cava, incidentally the first from the Utiel-Requena PDO to be entirely produced with Pinot Noir, breaking preconceptions and moulds and clearing a path which many wineries now follow.
Nonetheless, the pioneer is still at the top, leading by the example of know-how and stability.

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